Sharing and contributing is something most of us do here in Gold Beach, and it is what makes our community work and succeed. Many valuable contributions to the Friends and to the library have had nothing to do with money. Rather, it was people giving freely of themselves, and leaving a legacy of hard work, dedication and volunteerism to support their community library. Here are some questions that may pique an interest in volunteering with the Friends of the Library…

  • Do you have a special knowledge, skill or ability you could share with the Friends?
  • Have you written successful grants…or know of a grant opportunity that would fit our library’s need…and could carve out time to join the Friends’ Grant Writing Work Group?
  • Do you have computer, technology, or website skills you would like to put to good use?
  • Do you have a background in graphic arts, marketing, or merchandising that could be used to publicize Friends’ events, and physically present those events more attractively?
  • Do you have leadership skills (or want to develop leadership skills) and a willingness to chair or co-chair a Friends’ event?