The Friends is a unique organization of both long-time residents and folks who have moved to Gold Beach recently. The Friends welcome both individual contributors as well as team-players. We value the distinctive talents and personalities of our members, and work to find a good fit within our organization to use those skills and strengths to the benefit the Friends and the Library. If you aren’t already a member, we invite you to attend one of our meetings to see if you would like to be part of a group that is making a difference to our library and our community.




Michelle Arnold
Judi Backenstow
Angel Bacon
Michelle Balter
Vance Balter
Donna Bates
Tom Bettis
Gary Blanchard & Thomas Gibbon
Heather Bolstad
Kelsie Bradfield
Leana Bradfield
Carol F. Brown
Jamie Brown
Aredes Brudniki
Catherine Bryson
Carol Bullian
Pamela Burrows
Terry Caldwell
Diane Carey
Diana & Steven Carpenter
Kitt Carsten
Joshua Chan
Jeana Chiodo
Margaret Christean
Judi Collins
John Connor & Julia Phillips
Adelle Corbin
Kathie Cotter
Carolyn Cronberger
Dianne Daniels
Tom & Rhoda Denning
Olivia Dethlefsen & Theo Campbell
Gigi DiBlasio
Kai Druzdzel
Sandy Dwyre
Shanon Eccleston
Kathleen Edillor
Linda Elfman
Charlene Enoch & Pat Eakle
Lorraine Espinoza Lowe
Toni Foss
Amy Gaddis-Parker
Mary Ann Giottonini
Gold Beach Books
Linda Green
Bryan Grummon
Sandy Grummon
Don Hamilton
Vicki L. Harper
Kristi Gerrior
Karen Helgesen
Cathy Herbage
Jerry Herbage
Lori & Morrie Hickerson
Deanna Hodney
Rachel Hoefer
Reneè Hoehne
Kathy Hoffman
Kimberly Hollinger
Harry Hoogesteger
Al Huang
Tom, Shelley, Maya Hunter
Joanna Hunter
Ed Iwate
Amanda Keady
Charlie Keady
Sher Kelly
Carl & Denise King
Jeanie Knowles
Jim Kolen
Reneé Kolen
Mitch & Elizabeth Kuljis
Lucie LaBonte
Tina Laurino
Kori Lewis
Karen Liu
Emma Kay Lugen-Beel
Valerie MacGillivary
Kristie Makowsky
Hassie Marg-Taylor
Kristie Makowski
Rebecca Marcus
Hassie Taylor
Lori Mascall
Andrew McCluskey & Alicia McEwan
Mary McConnell
Earl Mohr
Art Moore
Anne Morgan
Lonni Munson
John Murphy
Sue Peters
Dorthea Petersen
Kim Pharus
Mary Pierce
Erin Popoff
Leslie & Karl Popoff
Peg Reagan
Paul & Pat Renner
Clare Reynolds
Nancy Sue Rose
Becky Ross
Rod & Dora Rumsey
Michelle Russell
Kelli Ryan
Maureen Scannell
Becky & Rob Schafer
Nancy Schassen
Craig & Terry Shannon
Dianne R. Shilling
Rodney D. Shilling
Lisa Shore
Betty Skinner
Gary Smith
Jackie Smothers
Piney Stansel
Ted & Kesia Starkey
Charlie Stephens
Martha Jain Stewart
Karen Sutherland
Linda Thain
Bob & Mary Tindill
Ahmed Tourgan
Carolyn Trigueiro
John & Jan Truesdell
Michelle Valentino
Ali Van Otterloo
Mellanie Vermoak-Caldera
Kathy Wells
Che’usa Wend
Joe Willett
Lora Williams
Bill Williams
Iris Wilson
Lori Worden & Jim Weaver
Cierra Young
Jennifer Young
Phil Zeidman


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