The Friends is a unique organization of both long-time residents and folks who have moved to Gold Beach within the last 3-5 years. The Friends welcome both individual contributors as well as team-players. We value the distinctive talents and personalities of our members, and work to find a good fit within our organization to use those skills and strengths to the benefit the Friends and the Library. If you aren’t already a member, we invite you to attend one of our meetings to see if you would like to be part of a group that is making a difference to our library and our community.




Sylvan & Carol Anapolsky
David Bach & Jamie Brown
Judi Backenstow
Tom Bettis
Janet Bird & Sharon Cook
Jim Boyle
Maureen Boyle
Carol F. Brown
Jamie Brown
Aredes Brudniki
Terry Caldwell
Diane Carey
Jessica Coles
Judi Collins
George & Donna Converse
Adelle Corbin
Kathie Cotter
Carolyn Cronberger
Annie Denham
Everett Dail
Michael & Deborah DunnWatt
Sandy Dwyre
Charlene Enoch & Pat Eakle
Lorraine Espinoza Lowe & John Lowe
Marilynn Foss
Toni Foss
Mary Ann Giottonini
Bryan Grummon
Sandy Grummon
Trish Leach Guzmán
Don Hamilton
Michelle Hanna
Karen Helgesen
Cathy & Jerry Herbage
Lori & Morrie Hickerson
Deanna Hodney
Rachel Hoefer
Reneè Hoehne
Harry Hoogesteger
Al Huang
Joanna Hunter
Janet Janowicz
Ray Johnson & Joy Williams
Carol L. Kellis
Jeanie Knowles
Reneé Kolen
Mitch & Elizabeth Kuljis
Bruce & Liz Kulkow
Lucie LaBonte
Tina Laurino
Warren & Mary LaVille
Bob & Sandy Mathers
Peggy McConnell
Anne Morgan
Lonni Munson
Tucker Nunn
Richard U. Payne
Nancy Pearson
Sue Peters
Dorthea Petersen
Julie Pezzetti
Kim Pharus
Julia Phillips & John Connor
Erin Popoff
Leslie & Karl Popoff
Sirkka Purkey
Paul & Pat Renner
Nancy Rogers & Evelyn Rogers
Nancy Sue Rose
Roy Rousseau
Rod & Dora Rumsey
Kelli Ryan
Jeanett Saks
Maureen Scannell
Becky & Rob Schafer
Craig & Terry Shannon
Dianne R. Shilling
Rodney D. Shilling
Jan & Gary Short
Gary Smith
Philip Smith
Jackie Smothers
Piney Stansell
Martha Jain Stewart & Mark Rasmussen
Hassie Taylor Family
Ted & Alice Taylor
Glen Thompson
Gene & Pam Trinkler
John & Jan Truesdell
Ali Van Otterloo
Veronica Jean Welch
Joe Willett
Lora Williams
Lori Worden & Jim Weaver


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